DIAD Forex Signals and user group development

We need testers and feedback
DIAD Forex Signals and user group development


As you know we have been looking at creating a Double in a Day Forex signals service and an active user group discussion or alert facility.

High Probability Entry techniques

We have made good progress in the area of automating 2 of the most successful Double in a Day and Forex trading strategies involving trade signals using the RSI and Envelops. These trading signals are planned to be delivered by EA, Noise alerts, Emails or SMS on your computer or Mobile phone for automatic or manual trading.

For more information on these trading Forex techniques please use these links


This is very still in development mode but we will soon need some testers to test the processes, signals and results and to give constructive feedback and comments. It is not envisaged that this technique will be incorporated into the existing DIAD EA as the EA is becoming way to complicated with too many input variable. They will either be incorporated into a stand alone EA and/or a very special version of the DIAD EA using only this entry approach.


DIAD Active user and Forex signals groups

We also need some feedback on creating an active user group who will communicate actively with each other without the need of moderator. We don’t like forums as they become moderator driven and we want 90% of the discussion and trading ideas to come from the traders themselves communicated directly with other traders. Your ideas in this area will also be appreciated. We have been looking a Skype groups, Facebook groups, Twitter groups and a few others. Your experience is this area will be appreciated. Users must be able to join and leave easily and contribution and picture sharing should be easy.


Please us the reply facilities below for question, comments and to register your interest in either of the above activities

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