Your Double in a Day and Maximum Lot Course details


Below are 3 free courses:

1)  Double in a Day technique and EA

We are letting you see the first 2 modules of our paid Double in a Day course for free.

Simply use the links below – The past word is       diad

Below is your download information.


2)  Double in 3 (Maximum lot course)

Your FREE Double in 3 ( Maximum lot Course ) is can be downloaded from this link        Maximum lot course

The links to the video and Forex tool are in the eBook!!

Should you have problems opening the PDF please try another internet browser or make sure you have the latest version adobe reader. Also reboot your computer


3)  Previous Double in a Day pdf

Your double in a day forex course can be download from this link

Double in a Day ebook

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5 thoughts on “Your Double in a Day and Maximum Lot Course details


    Not sure about that – If your account is $1 000 and margin requirements are $ 600 I should imagine that you only have $400 as a stop for your deal. So if the deal goes bad you lose $ 400 but get $ 600 back from the Broker.

  2. Martin

    Alex, regarding the Maximum Lot concept, let us assume a balance of $1000, a margin of $600 and a margin call or trade stop at 50% (margin level):

    Am I right that the trade is closed if the equity reaches $300?
    And the new balance would be the former margin of $600?


  3. binay Sinha

    I opened an account with tallinex to be part of PAMM account with you. but is asking $1000 in stead of $400.
    my account #1240273

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