The Double in A Day Forex Technique and EA

The Double in a Day EA and Forex Trading TechniqueThe Double in a Day EA Forex Technique

This EA and Forex technique has developed the name “ Double in a Day ” because its uncanny ability to double trading accounts in one forex trade (below are several examples of this). It has the ability to automatically add additional lots to a successful trade on a risk free basis when currency trading, which is in fact its biggest strength. How to trade the Forex Market has always been a challenge.  Read on for more information.

The Double in a Day EA and Course is a Joint Venture between Expert4x and EAFactory. EAFactory supplies and supports the EA and Expert4x supplies and supports the currency trading technique and course

History and background

In the last few years Expert4x has been promoting a free “Double in one Trade” course and free ebook as result of some live webinars where Forex trading accounts were in fact doubled using a manual pending order method to double account balances. See videos produced in prior years as well as download the free course from this link:

Over the years clients have been requesting an EA which would help them Double their account on an automated basis. This has led to the creation and development of the Double in a Day EA and trading course below.

A further influence has been Bill Williams, whose family is independently wealthy from trading, who says that you can never become an exceptional trading success unless you add to your winning positions. He is so highly regarded in the trading community that MetaTrader has allocated a whole section of their standard indicators to the ones used by him. This EA does exactly that as it allows you to add to winning positions AUTOMATICALLY and at NO RISK whatsoever.


The Philosophy behind the EA

This Expert Advisors differs from most Expert Advisors in that it not designed to be traded continuously on a set and forget basis (although this ability is available).

It is a trading tool designed to be used by a reasonably experienced Forex trader who is:

  • Trading on a manual basis using market or pending orders,
  • Already has developed ways of entering the market,
  • Wants to automate risk control and
  • Accumulate gains on a risk free basis.

What is achieved is that great Return on Risk ratios are created. There are many example where the return on risk ratio’s achieved were over 30. That means that if you only have 1 successful trade out of 30 like trades you will be profitable.


What the EA will do for YOU

Once the Trader has identified a market order or pending order trade, the EA will generate a strategy as result of the settings used by the trader. This is done by a Strategy Generator that is part of the EA. Settings can be pre-programmed so there is no need to waste time.  You can also add your own pre-programmed strategies. Once the strategy created by the Strategy Generator is accepted by the trader the EA takes over and completes the entire trade automatically by:

  • Entering the trade at the price level specified by the trader
  • Placing the initial stop
  • Moving the initial stop to breakeven to create a risk free trade
  • Adding additional trades using 1 or 2 opportunities on a risk free basis
  • Moving the stop to a level that guarantees a risk free basis
  • Closing all trades when the target for all open trades is reached.

The EA can be set to trade continuously to open a new trade when the previous trade is closed by being stopped out or by reaching the target.

 Comment below received from a Client in February. Straddling is a popular and easy strategy.straddle

What you can control 

This Expert Advisor will allow you to specify:

  • How many top up levels you want to use.
  • Where you want these levels to be.
  • How much of your account you want to risk,
  • what size initial stop you want to use,
  • The minimum stop size you want to use
  • When the initial breakeven stop should activate
  • What % gain you want to target (100% to double but you can go for any other % such as 20%)
  • Where you want to enter the market and in which direction
  • Whether you want to trade continuously or one trade at a time
  • If you want to trade continuously you can specify the SMA settings you want to use to determine buy and sell regions.


Double in a Day Course

The Double in a day Expert Advisor comes with a detailed 8 module course on how to use this Forex technique to your best advantage. The modules also contain links to 2 additional downloadable eBooks on finding high probability entries.

  • 5 modules cover trading the Double in a Day strategy and technique and the low risk high return long term approach.
  • 3 modules and the 2 eBooks cover ways to enter high probability trades for Double in a Day trading. It will also show you the best times to activate the EA for high probability trades.
  • Module 3 of the course also has a quick start process and checklist

In the end, it is still the traders responsibility to identify which trading technique to use and to identify trading opportunities. The EA will do the rest from then on.

In addition as an owner you receive this $66 Udemy course for free. For more information about this course please use this link: Udemy Double in a Day Course



Thorough user Testing process

As with most of the Expert4x EA’s and courses, they are thoroughly tested by our clients before they are formally launched. This process has happen for over a month and considerable feedback was received enabling us to make user improvements to the EA and the course.



Trading examples Results achieved in testing

Our most recent trades are available from the “DIAD Trades” tab on the above menu

There are a considerable number trading examples that you can access once doing the training.

There are Forex technique trading examples with results varying from 30% to 200% account gains off 1 initial trade.

Some other examples of Double in a Day trades


Example of the benefits of using the Double in a Day Forex technique

 Let’s take an example of a swing trader who identifies a good trading opportunity that is likely to result in a 70 pips gain. If the trader were to trade in the traditional manner, possibly using a following stop etc., the risk return ratio is likely to be 2. He would risk 5% of his account to make 10%.

However by using the Double in a Day Forex technique which manages risk and the transaction automatically and tops up his winning transaction twice, he is able to generate a gain of 100% having risked 5%. This is a 20 return on risk ratio.



The Double in a Day EA is professionally supported and supplied by EAFactory who has an automated download and update process for all EA’s. They also supply a detailed user guide and email support. A personalised Username and password (1) is used to control the download and upgrade the EA. The EA is download process uses your PayPal email to communicate with you.

The Double in a Day Course and technique is supported by Expert4x using email support. The web based training pages are password (2) controlled – the passwords are supplied in the Expert4x DIAD welcoming email.

The Expert4x Chatroom provides a great opportunity to view successful trades and discuss any matter relating to the Double in a Day EA and technique. The chatroom can be joined once you become a Double in a Day EA owner.


Comments from testers


Buy Here


If you already an owner of an Expert4x Expert Advisor like the Grid Trend Multiplier EA or the No stop, hedged, grid Forex EA  you can obtain a 50% discount by logging into your EAFactory webpage at for a special 50% PayPal button. Contact them at support(at) for assistance if you need any. Please note this discount does not apply to owners of Expert4x courses, indicators or users of Expert4x services.

New Expert4x Expert Advisor clients can use this PayPal button.

  Please note that your purchase allows you unlimited use of the EA on as many accounts as you wish as long as you do not use more than 2 computers/IP addresses. These can be a combination of VPS services, desktops or laptops. Once purchased additional licenses can be purchased  







Questions and Answers

US Traders   Question: Can Traders using US trading accounts use this EA.   Answer: The main restrictions US traders have are hedging and decreased leverage. There is no need to use hedging when using this technique. The reduced leverage allowed (50:1) will only impact you if your account is under capitalised or if you are risking too much of your account on any one deal. Most US traders will not be impacted by this.   Aggressive US traders trying to double their account in 1 trade will have much fewer opportunities due the 50:1 leverage restrictions.   When the EA closes transaction it does so in FIFO order so is US FIFO compliant.   Continuous trading   Question: I don’t have time to time to trade. Can the EA be traded continuously?   Answer: Yes, the EA can trade continuously. That facility is available. However the EA has been designed to be used by manual traders to be used when trading their normal Forex technique. This EA is a more of a trading tool than a set and forget trading robot.  

52 thoughts on “The Double in A Day Forex Technique and EA

  1. randy

    been trading for awhile, just came across this DIAD EA, does it still work??

    want to buy it and try it out, have a $22k account, if i could double it time and time again that would be amazing

    yes i know it takes practice but want to try this

  2. wouter


    Do you have a live acount so i can see your live progres?
    Thank you

  3. dm4x2000

    Will this EA work with an account having a margin of 1:50. If not, what what is the minimum margin requirement for this EA to be successful?


      The EA should work will as you should not use more than 5% to 10% for your initial trade – so margin will not be a problem. The strategy generator and excel spreadsheet will help you find strategies for any leverage once youown the EA. The EA has been going for a number of years and leverage /margin has never been a problem

  4. Peter

    Hi, it seems to me that this EA would be ideal for trading economic/news events where price moves quickly in one direction 30 – 100 pips on average. Can you confirm this EA will function properly in highly volatile market with fast instant moves?


      Thanks for your enquiry – there are 2 problems with trading economic announcements – the brokers widens the spreads considerably which may impact both the initial entry and the topups. Then the speed at which the price moves may cause slippage or missed transactions. Having said that traders are reporting some success trading economic announcements

  5. Tinashe

    Hey I recently bought the product! Working well so far.
    I have a suggestion and request on the next update PLEASE. CAN YOU INCLUDE AN OPTION THAT ALLOWS FOR TRADING INDICES/FUTURES. Coz it only works when you input the pip sizes for forex, but with indices it is a whole new ball game. PLEASE either correct me if am wrong or add that function on the next update if possible :) cheers

  6. nick

    Do you have any live account results for DOUBLE IN A DAY EA ?

    Thanks. Nick


      This EA is an unusual one. It is a trading tool that is only used when there is a good potential for a trending move in the market. So it is mainly used by experienced traders. There is no account with only double in a day trades and traders mix their normal trades with double in a day trades on an ongoing basis. That is the way it is intended to be used.

  7. Andy

    I’ve read so much DIAD material my eyes are boggling :o) I believe that I understand how and what the EA does and it sounds fantastic and I will be purchasing the EA/Crse shortly.
    Here’s my question, for clarification purposes: is it right that once the initial trade goes positive and hits the first top-up level, that the worst outcome of the whole trade is break-even?
    Appreciate your help!


      yes there is a setting (Topupriskmethod) where the result is either a breakeven result or a loss equal to the initial risk – You can choose which you want to use.

  8. Winston

    Just to clarify, once I place a trade, the EA will take over from there?
    I realize this doesn’t place entries for me, but just making sure it manages the trades and additional trades at the proper levels, after I place the initial one.

    Thank you for your time.


      Always a good idea to re read the marketing material which describes the EA. Are these details that unclear? I have copied some of the information available on the marketing page.

      What the EA will do for YOU

      Once the Trader has identified a market order or pending order trade, the EA will generate a strategy as result of the settings used by the trader. This is done by a Strategy Generator that is part of the EA. Settings can be pre-programmed so there is no need to waste time. The EA comes with 8 preloaded strategies and you can also add your own pre-programmed strategies. Once the strategy created by the Strategy Generator is accepted by the trader the EA takes over and completes the entire trade automatically by:

      Entering the trade when set to
      Placing the initial stop
      Moving the initial stop to breakeven to create a risk free trade
      Adding additional trades using 1 or 2 opportunities on a risk free basis
      Moving the stop to a level that guarantees a risk free basis
      Closing all trades when the target for all open trades is reached.
      The EA can be set to trade continuously to open a new trade when the previous trade is closed by being stopped out or by reaching the target.

      1. Winston

        I appreciate your reply. The part that confused me was :

        “Once the Trader has identified a market order or pending order trade, the EA will generate a strategy as result of the settings used by the trader.”

        “Once the strategy created by the Strategy Generator is accepted by the trader the EA takes over and completes the entire trade automatically by:

        Entering the trade when set to”

        I apologize in advance, as I was just trying to understand the confusion between myself identifying a trade vs the EA entering the trade for me purely based on the pre-programmed settings. Maybe it is one in the same, so I apologize for being confused.

  9. DonTor

    Is there facity in the EA that allows orders to be placed at specific time at the market price at that time?

    For example a 20 pip take profit trade.

    Also Please confirm whether there is a trial period.


      There is no trial period currently available

      Most double in a day trades take trends above 80 pips

      There is straddle faculty which is time-based but not a single entry time based facility. There is however a price level entry option.

  10. mark

    Question about the EA? Are there special parameters to set it at for trading Gold? I tried adding it to my MT4 gold chart and the EA blocks all trades because it thinks the spread is 47 pips instead of what it actually is 4.7 pips. This is the error message it gives me.

    1. Current spread 47.0 is higher than 33.3334% of Initial target 70.0”


      Always read the error message carefully – it is telling you that your target is 70 pips – when trading gold you need to multiply most settings by 10

  11. vishal

    Hello Alex,

    I took the trial of DIAD but having difficulty installing it, do you have a video which takes us step by step of the installation process? please inform thank you


      Installation is automated from the EAFactory website when you download it from there – please contact them directly for assistance – support (at)


      It works on all Metatrader instruments – we have not tested spreadbetting accounts

  12. steph

    I am quite interested in the diad EA. I have 2 questions:
    – Can it be used on indices, like the DAX or the dow?
    – The diad EA uses a postion to start with. Suppose I have another EA running, with open positions; will the diad EA use these open positions? Or can I indicate which particular position /order to use?
    I don’t want to mix up EA’s..

    thanks for your answers,



      Thanks for your enquiry
      We have not tested on indices but there should be no reason why not – any financial instrument available through MT4 should be fine.
      The DIAD is traded independently – it is best that you do not trade DIAD active currencies at the same time.

  13. Martin

    Hi Alex,

    I am testing the permanent SMA trading feature for about three months now and based on results I think it would really make sense to add an

    – option to let the EA run in a certain time slot on a certain day. At the end of the slot all open trades could simply be closed.

    – EntryWindow_StartBrokerHour, EntryWindow_StopBrokerHour, DayOfWeek_Monday … Sunday

    For example, during the Asian session I see many losing trades since there is never a real trend for EUR/USD for example, but these small losses do add up and affect the overall outcome negatively.

    Can you please add this feature with the next version? It should only be a few lines of code.


    1. Martin

      I just would like to add that I get DIAD trades on a daily basis now, especially 50%60p, and these are somehow even predictable per certain currency pair, but as I said the overall daily result is diminished by those small losing trades in the “off-season”.

      I tried to filter time slots for SMA trading through the spread but this has not proven to be effective so far.

    2. Martin

      Same feature as “Buy on DayOfWeek & EntryWindow” and “Sell on DayOfWeek & EntryWindow” used with SMA trading basically. -:)


      Thanks for your input – makes sense – the diad is already a bit complicated for some – this may be good in another version.

  14. Jonny

    Hello. Does the latest double EA have a trading algorithm in place to auto initiate trades? I need a fully automatic EA. Which will run 24 hours on its own. Thank you.

    1. Matthew

      Totally agree with you. I can’t get the EA to work for me because I do not understand the whole concept of “strategy”.

      I want to attach an EA to a chart and let it do it AUTOMATICALLY. This EA is SEMI-AUTOMATIC!


        By design this is a trading tool only used when experienced traders need it. Most traders think that all EAs are set and forget continuous trading robots – they are far from it. The strategy refers to the top up strategy you are going to use.

  15. Stephen Martret

    In your youtube video showing the backtest of DIAD EA it shows the EA lacing trades when it touches the bands and OB/OS etc

    Then I read the trader needs to initiate the trade. Can this EA be set to auto trade as I wont be able to be sitting on front of the screen much? if so will the results be the same as you have shown in your video as Im assuming the EA still follows the rules of the manual strategy?



      The EA shown in the video is not the DIAD EA – I is an EA using the DIAD transaction management technique and is specifically geared to only one technique – the envelope/rsi entry technique. This EA is a continuously traded EA that does not require any action once setup.

      1. Stephen Martret

        Can you supply me with this EA that trades the envelope/RSI to enter the trade in combination with the DIAD Ea to manage the trade like your video if I purchase this DIAD system/EA?

  16. Craig

    From what I see this is kind of reverse martingale strategy buying or selling into a profitable trade. How would this apply when trading on m30 when typical tradeis 20 pips – 40 pips present exit strategy calls for 3pct risk break even stop at 10pips gain. Could this make my present method more profitable? I presently am on about 85pct win rate with a daily goal of 2pct I developed the strategy myself trade only gbpusd and eurusd.


      Strategy may work above 30 pips if you go for 1 top-up and risk 1% to make 4%. Give a go. You don’t always have to go for 100%

  17. Jonathan


    got a couple of questions.

    1) who will make the decision to enter the initial trade? ea or manual

    2) is it 100% automated?

    3) does the ea add on to losing positions?




      Thanks your your questions.

      1) The trader makes the decision when and where to enter the market – IT IS NOT DONE BY THE EA.
      2) The process of managing the top ups and moving stops etc is 100% automated.
      3) The EA will NEVER add to losing positions – it adds to winning trades and creates risk free trading as soon as possible.

    2. mlax


      Im having some problems with using Paypel to purchase the EA. due to paypal is not conveniant in south africa
      isn’t there ant other way to buy the EA?

  18. Jadish


    I saw the video, so u say that GBP/JPY was good trades. but this pair would have had 3 good trades during that week u tested the EA. What garantee do u have ti say that always this pair will have good trades for the EA to take?

    Does this EA work on MT4?

    1. Alex du Plooy Post author

      Thanks for your questions. The one thing about Forex trading is that that there are no guarantees,. The Market changes all the time. Better get used to it – it is best to take responsibility for your own Forex decisions because if you have to rely on guarantees from others you will never be a Forex trader. All Expert Advisors work on MT4 – that is what they are written for and run on.

    2. Lee

      Guarantee? Please rethink doing forex or anything in the market! There are no guarantees! Or 100% of traders would be winning multi-millionaires!

  19. Peter

    Hi There,

    Tks for your advice!

    1. What’s different between binary option and Spot Forex market tradings? Pls. kindly give me further details on profit generating / losses control/ operation on two tradings/ investment amount/ merits and demerits etc., tks!

    2. Could you give me some example(s) and pictures to show me how to trade in Spot Forex market? Tks!

  20. Peter

    Hi There,

    I’m still not very clear on your system, could you pls. kindly advise in details on my below doubts a.s.a.p.? tks!

    1. How to use your system(EA) to trade and double my profit in my exiting acc. with Banc De Binary? ( I’m a newbei & don’t have much knowledge on binary option.)


    2. How will your system get rid of my trade losses (risk free in trade)?


    3. Can your system trade automatically for me after I set up my conditions 24 hrs/7days ? What else do I need to do for that if I want to shot down my computer for sleeping? How much may cost it?


    4. How can your system easily make me to understand each needed conditions/requirements for setting up the complete EA trading processes ? ( It’s better have the pictures to show how to do.)


    5. Is it one time payment for US$200.00 ( life time access & free update EA software system)?




      Thanks for your questions – I have answered them in our posting


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