First 2017 Double in a Day Forex Trades

See the details below for the first Double in a Day Trade of 2017 made within hours of the Forex Broker opening.  Also watch the video for a full overview of the trade.      

20 examples of Double in a Day Trades using an 80 pip trend

  The Double in a Day EA is our most used, no Gimmick, Forex Trading Tool We have a group of traders who are focusing on perfecting Double in a Day trades. For the last few weeks they have been investigating all the Double in a Day options and strategies. A few weeks ago we circulated a PDF showing 3 examples of Triple in a Day trades where $25 was… Read More »

Following the Trend to Become Profitable in Forex

One of the easiest strategies for Forex traders to adopt is to follow the trend. A trend defines the general direction in which the price is moving so that the trader can take advantage of it to make a profit. Trends can be upward, downward or flat. Here we will describe a simple way of identifying trends by looking at an uptrend and how to trade it, which will hopefully… Read More »

Four Facts about Forex Margin Requirements

    Are you familiar with the different sets of regulations imposed by your broker? Do you know what initial and regular minimum deposits are? In the business of foreign exchange, those are called Forex margin requirements; they address the issues of allowed borrowable amount, as well as fixed and adjustable interest rates for a security in your trading account. Of many things, they serve as a reminder that, in… Read More »

Knowing all about Direct and Indirect Forex Quotes

  Forex quotes One of the basic concepts that all top forex brokers need to understand is how to read  Forex quotes. You know that currencies are traded in pairs, with the currency on the right of the slash being the base and the one on the left being the counter or quote. To better understand, let us look at the EUR/USD currency pair. The euro is the base pair… Read More »

Is Algorithmic Forex Trading Right For You?

  Algorithmic trading has become increasingly popular among Forex traders who are looking for a more efficient way to trade. These systems allow traders to essentially automate their trading activities based on rules that have been programmed into them. Algorithmic trading has long been popular in other financial markets such as the stock market but has only recently become more commonly used by currency traders. According to a report by… Read More »

Double in a Day trades for the week ended Friday 12 June

. Double in a Day trades for this week GBPUSD 9 June A bounce of previous strong support / resistance provided the entry for this trade in a highly volatile time in the market – US Open     GBPJPY 9 June More advanced channel bounce which was part of a bear trap entered into at the volatile time of day (5 min chart)     GBPJPY 10 June Entered… Read More »

The Best Forex trading technique for Double in a Day?

. . When trading the Double in a Day technique it is important that the transaction requires a small stop and is entered into a soon as possible at the start of a trend. It is important to enter as soon as possible at the start of a trend because Double in a Day transactions in general require trend in excess of 100 pips to double the allocated amount of… Read More »

Potential Forex Double in a day Trades 8 June 2015

[cbpress product=”649″] The potential Forex Double in a Day trades below are not a recommendations or alerts. They are supplied to stimulate discussion and debate amongst Double in a Day EA users and also hopeful stimulate some suggested trades from the DIAD EA owners themselves. All of the suggested trades are based on the Break-even top up stop strategy using a 100 pip trend targeting a 105% gain risking 5%.… Read More »

Download Forex Double in a Day trade examples

  Download Forex Double in a Day Trade examples in PDF format 2 June 2015 The article discussing the trades can be found here          3 DIAD Trades in 24 Hours The PDF can be download here           3 DIAD trades in 24 hours