Trader Hole in One. The perfect Forex trade, a must see


Forex Trader Hole in One - The perfect trade - a must see

The ideal trade and almost perfect Forex trade happened in the US session last night. This trade is unique for 3 reasons:

  1. It caught almost 100% of the move
  2. It produced a 47% gain on the account
  3. Once identified and planned, the trade was traded automatically using an automatic trading tool

47% Gain

One of our double in a Day testers produced a trade that only risked 3% of his account and yet showed a 47% gain. That is a +15 to 1 Return on risk ratio! In general, what a 15 to 1 return on risk ratio means is that you only need to get 2 out of 15 like trades right to be a profitable trader. The 2 successful trades will give 50% x 2 = 100% gain whereas the losers will give a 13 x 3% = 39% loss for an overall gain of 61%. That is phenomenal. This changes the whole outlook of Forex trading. You can make money with a 13% success rate.

Automated perfect Forex trade

The Double in a Day EA and course made this all possible. The Strategy generator helped him develop this low risk and high return strategy and then the EA automatically traded the trade adding lots, at no risk, twice to his transaction as it progressed. His total risk was only 3% of his account for the first 20% of the transaction distance. After that it became totally risk free. The Double in a Day EA is producing low risk, high return trading results never heard of before. It is a game changer.

The Trade

The transaction entered at the perfect trade bounce of strong historical horizontal support and resistance and at the 61.8% fib bounce level. A pending order was used to catch this retracement trade. It moved quickly in the intended direction. During the move many risk free lots were added to the transaction twice. It took another awhile to reach the target which it did by a pip or 2. It produced a $2,464 gain on a $5,200 account (47% gain).

Below is the basic trading chart, the strategy generator and the trading account transaction results

The trading chart


The result


The Strategy determined before the time and used for the trade

3Pstrategy For more information about the Double in a Day trading technique, Course and EA please use these links:


Please note that the price of this course, technique and EA could increase dramatically at any time without any warning.


You to can make the perfect trade

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