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Double in 1 trade Forex Alert success GBPJPY 14 Feb 2017

DIAD Forex Alert success GBPJPY 14 Feb 2017   Result $28.50 (5% of account) was risked to make $570 (100% of account) return The Trade PLEASE NOTE: THIS WAS NOT A FREE ALERT. The trading signal suggested to the participants in the Find Great DIAD Entries one-on-one Course resulted in the successful trade below. The participant currently doing module 4 of this course used the information provided in the alert… Read More »

DIAD Trade GBPUSD 31 Jan 17 Confluence support and trend-line bounce

DIAD Trade GBPUSD 31 January 17 Confluence bounce of support and trend-line Perfect bounce on the confluence of horizontal and non horizontal support and resistance. Part of trading Double in a Day trades is to spot entries requiring small stops. This is a good example of a small stop Forex entry I t is important is to use the Double in a Day price level entry option to enter these… Read More »