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Protected: Double in a Day Forex alerts. DIAD Entries Course. 13 February

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4 Double and 3 Triple in a Day Forex trades 7 February 2017

4 Double and 3 Triple in a Day trades 7 February 2017 We will be posting daily trades on one post in future – below are 7 trades from below Remember that when going for 200% risking 5% of your account you can get 40 trades wrong and 1 right and still break even 100% Gain Retest of Resistance breakout 100% Gain Demand consolidation breakout after support bounces 100% Gain… Read More »

DIAD GBPUSD 31 Jan Trend-line support confluence bounce 200pc

DIAD GBPUSD 31 Jan 17 Trend-line support confluence bounce 200pc This transaction was based on a bounce of historical support. At the same time there was a trend-line confluence. After 3 top-ups it reached a +180 target resulting in a 200% gain !! 5% was risked to generate 200%. a return on risk of 40 times the amount risked. It also means you if you have 1 winner out of… Read More »

DIAD Trade GBPUSD 31 Jan 17 Confluence support and trend-line bounce

DIAD Trade GBPUSD 31 January 17 Confluence bounce of support and trend-line Perfect bounce on the confluence of horizontal and non horizontal support and resistance. Part of trading Double in a Day trades is to spot entries requiring small stops. This is a good example of a small stop Forex entry I t is important is to use the Double in a Day price level entry option to enter these… Read More »