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Double in a Day Trade GBPJPY 2 February 2017: Retesting support

Double in a Day Trade GBPJPY 2 February 2017 Retesting support  The GBPJPY showed a perfect break on a strong support. As is often the case the price went back to retesting support. That made a good sell entry opportunity. The target was just short of major historic support. This was a 1 candle trade on the 1 hour charts – Also it almost a repeat of the previous GBPJPY… Read More »

Pips and Tips – The Forex Jargon

  Forex is like a whole new world with a very confusing language or Forex jargon. Unless you want to earn big in this new world however, you will have to learn every terminology practiced in the industry. Here are some of the most common terms and what they mean, exactly.   Pip This is the smallest possible increment movement of a currency. They can also be called a ‘point’… Read More »