Setting up to do 4 to 6 guaranteed Forex trades in a row

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Setting up to do 4 to 6 guaranteed Forex trades in a row


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OK. Let’s start getting into the process of making money from 4 to 6 100% guaranteed trades.

4 to 6 guaranteed trades in a row is a very valuable opportunity. The trick is to squeeze every single dollar out of these trades. Maximize your income while you have the opportunity. If you are going to trade 2 or 3 lots on every trade you are going to make some income but you will never do what Sarah did and take $ 3000 to $1 Mil during her precious 6 trades in a row.

It is critical that you squeeze every single dollar out of these trades!!!

By the way, the whole process is very simple. Implementing it however, is hard and difficult and has to be done with military precision, maximum efficiency and concentration. Otherwise you can lose it all. All the boxes need to be ticked 100% for this to work. It is not just a simple EA you plug into your account and come back 2 weeks later 1 Million richer. As you are going to see it takes a high level of perfection to implement this very simple process.

Understanding the principles is not going to work – you need to understand and implement the intricate and minute details.  I fully expect that only a handful of traders will have the “AHA”moment at the end of this free series. Some will only get it much later and other maybe never. Most will end up fighting it – find 100’s of reason why they can’t do it. So be it.

So let’s start with the first bit of maths involved

The table below shows the growth in your account relative to the % gain that you can squeeze out of the trades. So the larger your gain on the first deal, the larger your final outcome. Very important.



Sarah’s account her results were:


sarahs gains


Extracts from her account

Sarahs account


So how do we ensure the highest possible % gain over every transaction?

There are basically 3 ways to ensure the highest % gain.

Broker account selection.

You want every single dollar in your account to be used to generate gains. So you want to select a broker that provides a bonus, low and fixed spreads and very high gearing. We will discuss this in more detail in future articles. You may want to setup direct communication with your broker too.

Topping up successful deals.

You want to squeeze the most out of every successful deal. To do this you could add to your lots on a risk free basis as the deal progresses, this is the process used by the double in a day technique. It is easy to add to the lots on a random basis, but to add to the deal at no risk is quite a trick. What this means is that should the deal be stopped out after your top up you will not lose money. The calculation is automatically done for users of the Double in a Day system. They use a free model which can be downloaded from – the password is only available to DIAD EA owners

Starting with the maximum possible lots for every transaction

You can find this by trial and error. This means that you need to find the point where you broker gives you an error message that say “Not enough funds in your account for the transaction”. You then decrease the lots until you don’t get the error anymore.

Alternatively, the more professional way would be to calculate that point using the guidance given in the Maximum lot course – Maximum Lot Course

You need to get these aspects “perfectly and optimally” right to have a chance of participating in this 100% guaranteed 4 to 6 trades in a row Forex technique.

I hope you are starting to get a feel of where we are heading on with this technique because we are getting closer to putting it all together.


At this point you should be able to answer the following questions:

    1. If you have an account of $ 1 000 and you were considering a trade which had a 40 pip stop and each pip was worth $1 – What are the maximum number of lots you could use, ignoring the need to finance margin and spreads?
    2. If you have an account of $ 1 000 and you were considering a trade of 25 lots which has a 60 target and a 40 stop, what size following stop would you use to ensure you break even at worst, no matter what happens, given that you plan to add 10 lots when the transaction goes 40 pips positive (ignore spreads and margin)?
    3. Ignoring spreads and margins, assume you have an account of $ 1 000 and you had a successful trade which ran for 60 pips. You started with 25 lots and then added 10 more lots when 40 pips positive. How much is your gain in $ and as a %.

Knowing the answers to these questions are key to moving forward.

Watch you emails for the next article on creating 4 to 6 guaranteed successful transactions


Please leave any questions or comments in the facility provided below.

37 thoughts on “Setting up to do 4 to 6 guaranteed Forex trades in a row

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  3. Martin

    I do not get this either.

    A few days ago I did a test hedge with two additional pending orders, for the long trade and the short trade.

    Almost the whole initial balance was invested. The long pending order triggered, after +50% gain as set,
    resulting in the message “not enough money”.

    So no additional trade was placed.

    With Sarah’s method it comes down to two winning accounts determining the final winner in the end.

    What does “special broker” mean by the way? Which broker did she use?

    Maybe knowing the broker can help.


  4. Filter

    And yes, that was a light bulb you heard going on:)

  5. Dawid

    Ok guys, I understand everything. But what if I can make much more than 6 successful trades in a row every day, using 40 pips stop loss and 40 pips (or more) take profit levels? How can I reduce the risk if I would like to go from 1000$ to 100000$ in a bit longer period of time? I would like to risk not more than 30-50% of my account, using 1:500 leverage. Is there a solution for me? 🙂

  6. Scott Seigmeier

    Hi Alex,

    When are you going to release some more information? the suspense is killing me.

    Kind Regards


  7. john

    Hi whne are next article comming, i really looking forward to it or maybe i have missed it ? i did not get anyone today saturday or yesterday friday also ?

    Best regards and thanks.

  8. john

    Ok i think i beginning to understand it even better. But i was under the impressions that you had 6 winning trade that would take you to a million, not trades that close as a winner and are a small winning only. Maybe i misunderstand somewhere ?

    Best regards

  9. Martin

    Yes, 28.57 mathematically to break even exactly.

    My “solution” results in a small loss. Would be 52 then. I will check the exact definition of a trailing stop again.


  10. Terry

    A trailing stop set 28 points below the 40 point-in-profit level, if price went straight back and hit it, would generate a $280 loss for the additional 10 lots bought at that level, while the initial 25 lots would still be 12 points in profit, i.e. + $300. So $20 profit. That’s close enough for me! Any price movement up from the 40 level would trail the stop up, so any reversal from higher levels to stop would generate some profit greater than the worst-case scenario of $20

  11. Davide

    Really very interesting. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to think about the DIAD EA that I have but I’ve never had the chance to use. By completing the double in a day excel model I realized that I had never thought about the possibility of putting a target to more than 100%. So I could see that risking 100% of the account (but less) you can get returns of 400-500%. However, the problem is to find a way of dealing with security six trades positive: if you managed to find it, you deserve the Nobel Prize, Alex! The other issue is to find a broker that, with a leverage of 1: 500, will allow you to open huge positions(1359 lots): I find it hard to even think about how much worth a pip with such a position. We confidently await the next updates.

  12. Martin

    Just in case I get the issue correctly (standard lots):

    2.5 (40 pips – x) = x => x = (100/3.5) pips = 28.57 pips => +11.43 pips

    2.5 times ( + 11.43) times 10 is ( + $285.75) 1 times ( – 28.57) times 10 is ( – $285,75)

    So the size following stop must be 50 pips. No exact break even, as usual.

  13. Martin

    Assuming a USD account balance and a pair with USD as counter currency (example GBP/USD):

    1. 25 lots (mini – 25 x 10,000)
    2. 40 pips trailing stop
    3. $1700 ($1500 + $200), 170 %

    New balance: $2700

  14. Alex du Plooy Post author

    could be 1:500 although leverage does not play a role if you have an account with a broker bonus that will finance margin.

  15. Chris

    Wouldn’t it be possible, and make sense, to take a starting bank of say $1000, and following Sarah’s model make c150% first time round, giving you $2500. Withdraw your original $1000. Use the remaining $1500 as new start capital and attempt your target without risk.

    Whatever you make is entirely profit. I realise you can leverage better with more, but if I could turn $100 into $200 on a regular and safe basis I’d happily keep doing so.

  16. john

    I understand it all so far but where do i find information to answear your 3 questions ?

    I have some question if you use a broker bonus dont you need to vager it alot before you can take out the bonus and your money ?

    If it is like you say 100 percent to win and so mutch return why dont more or how about all people use this technic ?

    Best regards

  17. Alex du Plooy Post author

    Don’t be distracted by the brokers bonus – it is of no trading value and can’t be relied on to prevent a margin call when your own funds are depleted. The bonus however does finance the margin in some cases – that is it biggest use.

    The question does not talk about placing trades in both directions – way too complicated.

  18. Alex du Plooy Post author

    Clue – look at Sarah’s account in article 1 – How much did she risk and how much did she make after 6 successful deals in a row?

  19. DrewInBrissie

    Following on from my previous post. The odds are more in favour of a win after the +40 level is reached as price only needs to rise a further 20 to win and 25 to lose.

    Not sure how to guarantee subsequent trades? If you get stopped out on the first one, your broker bonus is gone. I guess you could use the profit from the first one to open a new broker account with 100% bonus and rinse and repeat the first round.

    Any thoughts?


  20. Alex du Plooy Post author

    As a gambler it might be a good idea to calculate you chances of getting exact 6 trades in a row. That would be a good starting point – remember this system is pure maths and stats so rather than comment with your heart comment with your mind. What are the actual accurate chances statistically of getting 6 trades in a row? 5 to 30 times is way too vague. You will see that the chances are not a high as you think. In the end you will also see that not only is failure controlled but success is too.

    You will see that the ODDS are so heavily staked in your favor that it is a gamblers dream. Good gamblers treat failures as the cost of competing. So do not try to avoid or worry about failure. Accept it, control it and quantify it. You have enough information at your disposal right now to work the system out – do the numbers.

    So far I am showing you how to control success – if you use the information supplied so far you will see that you can quantify success and failure already. Work with those figures.

    You are the closest to the answer than any other comments made so far – well done!!!!

  21. DrewInBrissie

    Hi all,
    Reading between the lines we have a 100% bonus account with $1000 customer funds and $1000 broker bonus. $2000 in total to use. We place a trade of 25 lots in each direction at the same time. Price goes up (for example) 40 points and triggers the second buy order of 10 lots and we move our initial buy SL to breakeven (+15). Now we have a sell order with a loss of $1000, and a buy order with a profit of $1000.

    We close the sell order.

    If price continue to rise to +60 we exit with a profit of $1200, 120% of our original investment. If price retraces we are stopped out at break even, having lost only the brokers bonus.

    Assuming this is the plan, how do we maximise our chances of the price move from +40 to +60? I guess if the probability is 50% and you did this 4 times, you might be lucky on 2 and compound your 120% initial return with the second win and have $4840 in the bank, profit of 384%.

    Can someone check my maths?

    Thanks Drew

  22. mike

    Hi. Call me an idiot , but how do you get guaranteed 6 winning trades in a row? Speaking as a gambler you will blow 5 to 30 times whole account before you hit the winning streak. Correct me if I am wrong.

  23. Alex du Plooy Post author

    What would account balance be when you add the additional lots? – Not the same as at the start.

  24. BigRunner

    so far pretty easy math(170% gain), but glad to know my brain still works =)…I’ve just been wondering how over 1k lots filled by broker unless a cent account was used. I suppose the big banks do trade these lot sizes, but we are retail traders with puny accounts, competitively speaking.

  25. Martin

    I think this is the DIAD concept using a risk of 100%. Basically.

    I will play around with the Excell model in the afternoon to find it out.


  26. mike

    If you have a balance of $1000 and you are using the entire $1000 balance to finance the 25 lot trade how are you able to add any lots at all?

  27. Alex du Plooy Post author

    Just make sure you understand everything presented so far so that things don’t become hazy as we progress

  28. Dave Marsfen

    Is this for real? I’m interested ..Help

  29. Jens Brands

    Hi Mary and Alex,

    I really enjoy this exciting Idea turning 3K into 1 Mio but I wonder if it is possible to get filled with a 1359,30 Lot Position on a live account ?
    Looking Forward to read the next article !!!


  30. bina ySinha

    I need to know more about it. how your system works?

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