a LIVE Double in a Day Forex trade 6 Nov 13

An example of a LIVE Double in a Day Forex trade 6 Nov 13


We will launching our Double in a Day EA and technique shortly. Before that it will undergo extensive User testing by our clients. Please watch you emails for more information.


Watch this video to see an example of a LIVE double in a day Forex trade on the 6th of Novemember 2013

See below the result of this trade after the video was made and published on Youtube:




The price easy reached the target set and the account $ 1 000 account was doubled





Points to note the following about this Double in a Day Trade


  • The trade took less than 24 hours to complete
  • The breakeven stop calculations give the transaction lots of room to move. This transaction was successful in spite of a 45 pip retracement.
  • The risk at the beginning was the biggest risk of the whole transaction – 10% of the account.
  • Risking 10% of the account and getting a 100% return is a great risk return ratio
  • The trade was risk free after going 20 pips positive. So the account was doubled at NO RISK after 20 pips.

This shows the aim of all Double in a day trades.

  • Low initial risk
  • Give the transaction space to move freely
  • Short transactions that don’t take longer than 24 hours
  • Great return on risk ratios
  • Create a breakeven risk free status as soon as possible
  • Total automation of the entire trading process

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