How YOU can guarantee 6 successful Forex trades in a row

6 in a row


We have had a tremendous response to our “3K to 1 Mil made by a novice” email yesterday. Thank you for your interest, questions and comments.

In this series we are going to show you exactly how you can guarantee to have 4 to 6 successful Forex trades 100%. As you will see that is the easy bit – so obvious that you will kick yourself.

In this series you may experience a paradigm which will have you looking at Forex trading from a totally unusual perspective. We have already hinted that there are mathematical and statistical perspective aspects that helped Sarah turn $3 into $1 Mil in less than 2 weeks on a 100% guaranteed basis (By the way Sarah had never seriously traded anything before so no trading technique was used – she is just a mathematical wizz).

There is a good chance that you will be caught on the wrong foot so before you read this series you need to make sure that you can best benefit from the information which will be presented, discussed and debated in this series. Don’t let the information catch you by surprize or let it go way over your head because you have not given the opportunity much thought or prepared for it.

The important freely available aspects to this method at this stage are:-

  • Knowing how to risk your whole account on one trade to get maximum benefits if successful?
  • Understanding the concept of adding to a winning on a risk free basis as is done by the Double in a Day EA.

So up to know I assume you:

  • Know the principles of how to double your Forex account in one trade. You can review the training material or a description of the concept on this website:-

In the next few articles we are going to look at:-

  • What type of Broker account to use multiply your trading account exponentially.
  • How to calculate the lot sizing to risk your entire account on 1 trade, trade after trade.
  • How to absolutely guarantee 4 to 6 successful trades in a row for any currency and any timeframe .
  • The technical and practical aspects of how to trade the risk free mathematically based Forex money making trading plan

Please watch your emails for more information about this 100% Free trading concept.

Please do not send email responses. Please make any comments or ask questions in the facility below.


The next article in available from this link     Article 3

12 thoughts on “How YOU can guarantee 6 successful Forex trades in a row

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  2. Alex du Plooy Post author

    Thanks for your feedback and comments – the objective of this series is remind traders that there are many methods of making money if they think OUTSIDE THE BOX. It has also been interesting to see how few traders have basic skills of lots size and breakeven stop calculation and have creative forex account usage knowledge.

    “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” – Albert Einstein – (Most Forex traders do this because the way the industry teaches them to trade)

  3. mark

    Alex this is quite a significant oppurtunity. In the near future if after all your articles, emails, presentations and research you find out that this actually works; I am sure alot of your clients worldwide would be interested in a paid service (including myself). We are all in this not only to learn but to become financially independent over a period of time. You and your organisation (expert4x) are one of the few honest ones in the forex industry. cheers
    { i know it is an educational series however opportunities are phenomenal just like GTM, DIAD, trading without indicators etc }

  4. Nico

    Looks good. Looking forward to the next piece of the puzzle!

  5. Siddhartha

    Being new to all these, what I am enjoying so far is out-of-box thinking and possibility thinking. We are only limited by our imagination. So I am keen to have an open mind and learn the strategies as to how do they work. Bring it on, look forward to more thought provoking ideas.

    Well done Alex and Mary.

  6. Alexey

    absolutly amazing!!!!!!! i’ll pay you half million if u help me to make one with this consept in 6 trades

  7. Alex du Plooy Post author

    Remember this not a service – it is an educational series – at the end of the series you will be able to tell if this is something you would like or can to do

  8. Chris

    Is this possible? The phrase that especially catches my eye is this one, which I have copied and pasted:

    How to absolutely guarantee 4 to 6 successful trades in a row for any currency and any timeframe .

    If that is possible – ‘guaranteeing…successful trades in a row’ – then it’s clearly no problem to do that at numerous different times and turn $1 into however much you want.

    I look forward to reading more. Bring it on!

    Thank you Mary and Alex.

  9. john

    The more i read about it the more intresting it get why must we wait for the it cant you just give it all on one day 🙂

    Thanks for the great info.

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