Free Help to find Double In A Day Forex Strategy Trades

Need guidance with your DIAD Forex Strategy Trades

Free Help to find Double In A Day Forex trades


So you started trading the DIAD Forex strategy and are battling a bit. The Double in a Day Forex strategy is deceptively tricky, but once you have mastered it, nothing will hold you back. If you need help finding Double In A Day Forex Technique Trades hopefully reading the suggestions below will help.

On this page we will cover:

  • Basic Double in a Day Forex trading strategy principles
  • Finding historic Double In A Day Forex Strategy Trades
  • Finding historic continuously traded Double in a Day
  • Getting more help

Hopefully this will point you in the right direction.

Some basic Double in a Day Forex Strategy principles

  1. Demo trade and back trade the Double in a Day EA using the Strategy tester until you are happy to go live
  2. You do not have to use 100% of your account balance on Double in a Day trades. Specify how much in dollar terms you want to risk in the EA input
  3. Make sure you have reviewed all the training material and videos and support material
  4. Success of the DIAD strategies is having the biggest stops possible at each level of a DIAD Trade. Always use the Double in a Day Excel spreadsheet to balance your stops at each Double in a Day top up level before loading a DIAD Strategy.
  5. If your abilities are at that level, back trade various Double in a Day Forex strategy trades to generate successful deals on charts which will allow you to access trading techniques which will have activated entries into successful deals.
  6. Make sure you are using information currently available on the Double in a Day website to arrive at a Double in a Day approach
  7. Accept the fact that finding a DIAD Forex strategy trade may take 10 to 20 failures before you are successful at first. With experience this will improve. In this sense a failure is a trade that went nicely positive and was topped up and then stopped out. So if you have 20 failures only 12 may, for example,  result in actual losses. So you need to learn to be disappointed to succeed.
  8. Trading the DIAD is a continuous learning experience. Learn as much as you can from information provided, failures and successes. Like most things, Practice makes perfect.

Successful Double in a Day Forex Strategy Trades

We are currently running 4 accounts which are trading 4 different strategies on a continuous basis. See  Continuous DIAD

These account are trading 6 currencies and using a buy option on one chart and a sell option on the other. 48 Different DIAD charts are being traded at the same time.

As described in our training material the purpose of this is to:-

  1. Determine which of the 4 strategies generate the most successful deals.
  2. Which currencies with in those 4 strategies generate the most successful deals?
  3. What successful deals look like on the trading charts?
  4. Which strategies are successful when traded continuously?
  5. Which currencies within the 4 strategies are successful when traded continuously?

QUESTIONS 1, 2 and 3

At the end of every week we answer questions 1, 2 and 3 (partially) on our website. Please use the menu on our website to access this information.


The most recent results, when this page was created, are below which show the GBPJPY as generating the most DIAD deals to date in all strategies and the 50%/60pip strategy as generating the most DIAD deals. This does not mean that these are the most profitable currencies or strategies. We need more information and experience to determine that.



We have added the above 4 accounts to FXBlue in order to get an analysis of the 4 accounts. This can be accessed by selecting “Continuous DIAD Trades” in the “DIAD TRADES” menu option or using this link .

This page shows you how to analyze the continuously traded accounts. You will note that there are currencies that are successful when traded in a certain direction and even currencies that are successful even when traded in taking both direction trades into account.

When a currency is profitable when traded as a buy and a sell it means that this currency and settings is currently profitable when traded continuously. Continuously means that the EA does not stop and re-enters a new deal the minute the old deal / deals are closed on an ongoing basis.


You can get help by posting a reply or Comment on any DIAD webpage relevant to your question. When raising a question please supply lots of information which will help us to help you. A question like:- I can’t DIAD trades. What must I do? is very difficult to answer.

We need the following information on most questions:

  • Please confirm that you have used the self analysis checklist.
  • Please supply the exact currencies traded, strategies used and please describe your actual experiences and results.

Please focus your questions on actual practical experience and actual results. Comments like “I don’t think this setting will work” does not help. Rather back test or forward test the settings to prove to yourself that they don’t or will work.


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