Free Forex Entry Technique For Double in a Day

More and more clients are now reporting great Double in a Day results.

We have produced a free video below showing a simple, great Double in a Day Forex entry technique. Besides being great for Double in a Day trades these forex entry techniques are good for ordinary Forex trading.

Anybody should be able to trade this forex entry technique.

The trades shown all have a good chance of being successful and considering the average Double in a Day strategy only requires a 5% to 10% success rate this forex entry technique is almost guaranteed to improve your existing results.

Please make comments or ask questions on the webpage where this forex entry technique has been posted.


Free Forex Entry Technique For Double in a Day


21 thoughts on “Free Forex Entry Technique For Double in a Day

  1. Alex du Plooy Post author

    Yes you are right nobody ever knows what the profit target is. It is all luck. But if you are going for say 100 pip targets you can increase your luck by trading very high volatility currencies at high volatility time of the day near important support and resistance or announcements and hope for the best.

  2. Alex du Plooy Post author

    Please view the recommended video. There are no fixed setting – you need to capture 95% of price action within the envelope – no matter which settings you use. You can use this concept on any timeframe – give a try.

  3. Pedro

    Hi Alex,

    What are tehe settings for the envelope?
    What is the Time Frame?

    Thank you

  4. Donald R Isbell Jr

    I was wondering the same thing. How does one know what they profit target is?

    Thanks and kindest regards,


  5. Tomi

    I see the indys now. envelops and 4 rsi

    how many pips did you go for in the above example’s? Certainly only one was over 100 so I assume the 45 or 70 set file setting.


    Now that you know the concept you can personalise it any way you want to – go ahead and experiment – there are no rules only the guidelines youcreate

  7. Lynzzy

    This looks really easy. Couldn’t you dial down to 30m chart for the exact entry?

  8. BigRunner

    Solid. Thank you for sharing this with us Alex!

  9. Jozy

    My apologies! I was looking through custom indicator list because I have some indicators with same names. I have found them in their correct place and have been able to set them up as suggested.


    Yes it plays no role and you can ignore it. I merely use it to see the center of the channel and the spine of the price action.


    Very strange – I have never come across and MT4 installation that does not have those – which broker are you using? From the main menu try “Insert” then “Indicators” then “Trend” and/or “Oscillators” or just click on the Indicators icon

  12. Jozy

    Thank you for the excellent information. My standard MT4 does not have an RSI or Envelop indicators I can edit as you indicate. Any link to the correct indicators would be very much appreciated.

  13. Richard Britton

    Although you set up a simple MA you make no further mention of it and it plays no part in your process of looking for trades. How, then, do you use the MA – or do you use it at all?

  14. Jaap

    Hi Alex,

    Thxs, very useful. Keep the good work up.


  15. fixer

    Nice setup Alex!
    You don’t mention it but do you want a close outside the envelop first?

    before the last trigger there are 2 RSI shooks >70 which are not marked as setup.
    How would you prevent a trigger there?
    on a decending pair: adjusting the overbougth line of the RSI to 80 ?


    Hi Mick – thanks for that question
    This technique can be used for normal and DIAD trading. The original may not be stopped out during normal trading but looks like it would have in a DIAD Strategy. When trading the DIAD strategy it would be best to look for strong trades. The second one is not that strong and the signals are marginal. Best to look at other currencies for trading opportunities. For OB or OS levels of of 80 / 20 would be better when trading the DIAD.

  17. Mick

    Hi Alex,
    In the video you show a setup on 29th at 10:00 that would probably be stopped out. Would you be happy to take the next signal when RSI goes into overbought again & hooks – at about 21:00? The candles almost reach the upper Envelope again. Is that close enough?


  18. Allan J Smith

    Wow ! Alex that is a simple and easy method to understand ( and you have kept it under your hat for so long lol )
    all in one lesson with indicators explained good on you for that
    keep well
    Allan J

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