Forex broker account traded to over 1 million in a few days

As you may know expert4x has been exploring random based Forex trading techniques for a long time. The Non-directional Grid Trend Multiplier technique is an example of that. ( GTM )

We have also been exploring the use of Gambling type of odds and statistical techniques to find techniques that stack the odds in the Forex traders favour. Card counting is an example of a mathematical technique banned by casinos because it works at stacking the odds to a player’s advantage over time.

Using concepts of our very old, free Maximum lot course ( Maximum lots ) which have become more user friendly due to the high leverage currently available from many Brokers, we have developed a trading approach which has almost 100% chance of success related to results belows. Broker bonuses that finance margin requirement also help ( Broker Bonuses )

Going for 100% guaranteed results such as the ones below does however reduce gains and we are working on that.

Below is an example of the type of gains possible. This trading account shows how $ 3 426 was traded to over 1 million.

In order to achieve this type of result one has to use a specific type of broker account, specific leverage, a specific highly unconventional, mathematical/statistical forex trading approach. Also note that these results were achieved in  a relative flat market ranging under 100 pips in the 2 weeks of trading.


Forex broker 1Mil account



We will be making more details about this Forex trading approach available over the next few days so watch your emails for more information.

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31 thoughts on “Forex broker account traded to over 1 million in a few days

  1. jerry

    Amazing results. But I dont understand on the first trade, why would you put a SL of 40 pips that’s so far that the account will get blown out before the price hits the SL? – based on a 3.4k initial balance.

  2. David

    Was this trader trading a demo account or live account?

  3. Alex du Plooy Post author

    Hi – No we are not planning to do a PAMM offering for this technique as this EA is a Trading tool – it does not trade continuously.

  4. Peter

    Are you planning on doing a PAMM for this technique?

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  6. Peter

    All trades are entered 59mins past the hour or 1 min before the hour.

  7. Alex du Plooy Post author

    Please watch the future articles – the answer is infact in the 1st article – Las Vegas gamblers will see it in an instant. Our biggest problem is we know too much about Forex trading.

  8. Dario

    this is a directional technique i suppose, opposite than the non directional hedged GTT. The MM could be applied to any strategy but to obtain 4 to 6 successful trades in a row it seems to me impossible. Sarah’s account shows different directions ( buys and sells) so i’m looking forward to a technical or fundamental explanation that could make this superhighly probability trades. Is there a way we could instead hedge the DIAD technique?

  9. Uche

    Hahaaha!!! Alex with all due respect, i know how you won’t pass up an opportunity to deliver a whopper; But this sounds strange. What do you mean when you say “using no Forex technique at all”? This is still expertfx isn’t it?

    Kindly elaborate you just got my attention

  10. Alex du Plooy Post author

    This is not an EA at all – It is manually traded using no Forex technique at all. By the way we are not selling anything.

  11. Sam

    John is your strategy private you keep for yourself or could you give some more insight about how you are achieving those returns? I am interested in knowing a bit more of your trading style and strategy to get similar results, would appreciate knowing how you manage to do that.

  12. Donovan

    Hi John

    I wish I can do that as you say. your solution is simple, trade with the small acc that you feel comfortable, then link that small acc via the trade copier, what Alex told us about some time ago, set the receiving acc to calc the lot size per the acc size, then…… NEVER look at the acc growing exponentially until after say 2 weeks, the idea is to remove the emotion of all that $$$ you making on the 2nd/big growing, or at least that is what I would do.

    my problem is that I struggle to read the market then I get all mixed up in my head and make the wrong choice.

    Happy trading

  13. Dorial

    If you could do this with 1 Lot, for a year… I would be very happy.
    Hope this system proves itself with a real small signal account on
    Please show me the results. And I will join in…
    Thank you.

  14. Jaap

    If you look at the entry times after an order is closed I am pretty sure it is automated. I am just wondering how the direction is established since it works with fixed stops and targets of 40 pips.


  15. Martin

    So try to convert $200 into $4800 for a start. This is a real skill you have there!

  16. Martin


    firstly which brokers offer lot sizes of over 100 per trade?
    Can this system be automated or is it a manual one?
    Does it relate to DIAD somehow?


  17. Alex du Plooy Post author

    Most US clients are using Tallinex for own trading and PAMM participation Please contact Mary MacArthur directly for more details

  18. Ged

    I am looking forward to further details. Thank you for keeping us informed of your continued developments Alex and Mary I for one greatly appreciate it.

  19. Ilma Hayes

    Ilma here, can this be what we’ve been waiting for If so you genius man!!

  20. john

    Thanks this sounds really intresting. Waiting patently to learn more.

  21. Ilma Hayes

    Can’t wait to hear more including the minimum investment required?

  22. Ilma Hayes

    Sounds very exciting can’t believe the whole world wont be diong it!!


  23. Jaap

    Hi Alex/Mary,

    That is a staggering result. Even if I could realise half of that i would be a very happy man. I look forward to the explanation how you did produce this amazing result.


  24. Donovan

    Hi Alex

    If only this service can be made available via a PAMM account, I’ll watch my email account closely.

  25. john

    looks good…is it a demo result or real? i myself frequently converts 50 dollars to 1200 dollars within a month, using max leverage…but i dont have d mind 2 do same on a bigger acct due 2 fear.

  26. Miguel

    Mary, let me know when you release that system.

  27. Graeme

    This does sound very interesting however one would have to be very certain of the 100% strike rate

  28. Dave

    I haven’t viewed the Maximum Lots material yet (I’m about to, though!) – but my first impression is those lot sizes are enormous! Even if you were getting 400 or 500 type leverage accounts you’d still risking a lot. A lot.

  29. Bill

    What would you recommend for us poor sould who live in the United States under the protection of Barney Frank and Chrissy Dodd?

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