Finding great Double in a Day Forex entries 1 on 1 Course

Finding great Double in a Day Forex ENTRIES 1 on 1 Course
Finding great Double in a Day Forex entries 1 on 1 Course


Importance of Forex ENTRIES

The Double in a Day EA has captured many Forex trader’s attention. Imagine doubling your Forex account with only 1 trade regularly. There are over 30 Double in a Day trades recorded a week.

The reality is that, to identify Double in a Day entries takes considerable skill and experience. You don’t find entries with this EA. So your results will depend on how good you are at finding great Double in a Day entries.

The other aspect of Double in a Day trading is your ability to handle losses. Many Traders can just not handle losses well at all. It takes special traders who can trade through a losing streak and still have confidence in their trading ability and in themselves.

Guess what – Finding great entries and dealing with losses are the key success factors to trade ANY Forex trading technique. Those are 2 key factors that separate winners from the losers.

Finding great Double in a Day entries course

With the above in mind we have created a “Finding great Double in a Day entries course”. This course will guide you through the process of becoming the very best Double in a Day Forex trader you will ever be.  It is not only for Double in a Day traders but for any traders who want to develop the ability to identify and trade great Forex trades. If you can find great entries for double in a day trades everything after that will be very easy.

The success you achieve in the course is directly related to the experience level you already have. Your ability to put the knowledge you gain into practise is important. So some traders will complete the course in a few weeks of practical trading and other may take a few months.

To allow traders to work at their own pace the course has been designed as a monthly subscription basis. Your subscription can be cancelled whenever you achieve your trading Goals and complete the course. This can be it in a few weeks or in a few months. The length of the process depends on what you put into it.

The process consists mainly of you learning Double in a Day entry techniques and placing actual trades using those techniques. You don’t need to own the Double in a Day EA to do the course as we focus mainly on finding entries on a manual basis.

The course is highly practical, completely personal, 100% participative.

It is highly practical, as to progress to the next phase of the course you have to complete a number of trades. These trade need to be at a reasonable success level using the principles taught during each module. This applies to ALL participants – so your progress is determined by how fast and efficiently you complete your assigned activities.

It is completely personal. You are assigned an experienced Forex trading Guide who will guide you through all aspects of the course. Your Guide will give you direction on Forex trading techniques and help you analyse and identify your personal trading weakness and strengths as you trade. You can ask and discuss any aspects of the “Finding Great Double in a Day Entries Course” on a one on one basis with your guide. All Modules include a one on one TeamViewer / Skype sessions. The Forex trading guide or mentor will actually dial into your computer to give you one on one trading instruction using your own charts.

It is 100% participative . With most courses, video instruction and webinars, participants can go into listen mode whereby they can mentally evaluate what is being discussed. They take no action if they wish. This course is 100% participation – if you don’t trade and participate, you stay behind and don’t progress.

Course content and Modules

Foundation Module:

Introduction to a number of Double in a Day ENTRY techniques and then doing basic Double in a Day trading to establish a trading record using those entry techniques. Progress to the next module required 40% success rate on the most recent 10 trades for 2 of the entry techniques. This module has a 90 minute One-on-one Teamviewer/Skype session included. One-on-one sessions are available 8:00 am to 8:00 pm GMT Mondays to Saturdays

Module 2:

Same as above this time using larger targets and smaller stops. Progress to the next module required 30% success rate on the most recent 10 trades.  This module has a 60 minute One-on-one Teamviewer/Skype session included. One-on-one sessions are available 8:00pm to 8:00 am GMT Mondays to Saturdays

Module 3:

Introduction to filters to improve the success rate. Trades for this module use larger targets and smaller stops than the previous module. Progress to the next module required 30% success rate on the most recent 10 trades. This module has a 60 minute One-on-one Teamviewer/Skype session included.

Module 4:

Double in a Day trading using the knowledge and experience gained to date. Targets, Stops and transaction management is personalised based on the success achieved in this and previous modules. Progress to the next module required 20% success rate on the most recent 10 trades.  This module has a 60 minute One-on-one Teamviewer/Skype session included.

Module 5:

Develop your own complete Double in a Day Forex trading strategy together with your Forex trading mentor based on your success to date. The strategy could be manual, or if you own the Double in a Day EA, based on the EA. This module has two 90 minute One-on-one Teamviewer/Skype session included.

The Course takes considerable personal commitment in time and effort. At least 10 live trades will have to be completed per modules (often more). The course is 100% manual in terms of identifying and entering transactions (no EA automation allowed). The actual DIAD EA is only used in module 5. That is why this course will benefit all traders as the main aim is developing the skill of finding good Forex entries.

Who should do this Course

  • Forex traders who has a burning desire to succeed at Forex trading
  • Any Forex trader who is considering full-time Forex trading
  • Traders who is ready to learn more about the psychology and techniques required to succeed at Forex trading
  • Any Forex trader who wants personal direction and focus.
  • Forex traders who want to stop hopping and skipping through the Forex Candy shop. Trying this, wondering what that is like, and having serious discussions about the latest candy with their friends.
  • Traders who are suffering from information overload.
  • Many traders who have been emotionally scarred by trying to take every short cut and chance there is and experiencing the consequences.
  • Traders who want to take full control of their own trading with no reliance on anybody else
  • Forex traders whose knowledge of manual Forex trading is limiting their use of EAs
  • Currency trading spectators who love safely watching the game being played because they are scared of a “sports injury”.
  • Please note that the course assumes some trading experience as it goes into the placing of transactions in the very first module.

The Philosophy behind the course

Forex trading is not easy

Achieving the ultimate Double in a Day trade of risking 5% to make 100% using a 16 pip stop and a 100 pip trend is not an easy task. It requires considerable experience and even luck. You need to find almost perfect entries. Developing the skill of finding these perfect entries can take time. Anybody needs to learn how to crawl before you can run. You need to be successful at finding successful trades with a 30 pip target and a 30 pip stop with a reasonable success rate. That will increase your chances of you identifying 100 pip trends with a 16 pip stop with a reasonable success rate?

So this course is designed to take you through the process of building your confidence with a successful track record with the easier entries and then slowly increasing the difficulty of the trades at a managed pace until you reach the 100 pip trend with a 16 pip stop competency level. The advantage of doing the course is that we give you techniques and guidance on what to focus on. We help you analyse and improve your trading results with personal one on one trading guidance (Forex trading mentorship). This process will make you successful trading any Forex trading technique or approach. The Double in a Day Top up approach is only one of many transaction management techniques.

Forex Trading is a practical skill

Our view of Forex trading is that, like swimming, you can not learn to become an competent swimmer by reading a book. You need to get into the water with someone who can increase your confidence and show you swimming techniques that best suit your experience level.  The same applies to Golf – good golfers spend hours on the practise tee along with the help of coaches, teachers and sports fitness and sports psychology consultants.

Forex trading is exactly the same. Reading about a trading technique is only 2% of achieving trading success. Constantly trading that technique, finding filers to filter out bad trades and analysing the results along with a Forex trading guide is what give you a better chance of success. So this is a 100% activity based course with you putting in the 90% of the trading effort and your coach the rest. The techniques are all well known so they are not the secret to your Forex success – trading the Forex Market and getting constant feedback and guidance will make the difference.

What you need to do the course

  • Basic knowledge and experience of Forex trading which includes placing trades.
  • You will need a few demo accounts on any platform and from any broker of your choice.
  • Time to complete your practical trading and analyse your results

We will supply the techniques and guidance via ebooks, videos, websites, emails and Skype/Teamviewer sessions.

Conditions of the Course:

  1. There are no refunds – you need to make a commitment to yourself to do the work required before you start. Budget +/- 10 hours of live trading a week.
  2. You are not entitled to any information provided in future modules unless you have met the trading requirements set for each module.
  3. The techniques and content of the modules will not be disclosed before you enrol – If you know or have experience in any technique used to find Double in a Day trades it will save you money as you will progress so much faster. There is a big difference between knowing a technique and having a track record of trading it.
  4. Unfortunately there are no discounts to existing EA, Indicator or Course clients. This is a personal service where you have one on one access to a personal trading guide. This is only one of the reasons for the no discount policy for this quality service.
  5. One of the lessons of this course is developing independent thought, self-reliance and success with select knowledge. There is no discussion group or Forum – it is up to you and your Trading Guide to resolve challenges you have on a one on one basis.
  6. There are no guarantees as the course teaches taking responsibility for your own results. What you get from this course will only be limited by your commitment. Commitment to time and effort, attitude, desire to grow, will to succeed, ability to trade. These are personal factors only you have.

So if you are ready to start your journey why not Start Today

This Course will only start on the 10th of January when your Trading Guides are back in action.

Being of a Personal, one on one nature the number of Forex traders allowed onto the course will be limited by Forex mentor and Guide availability.

The Goal of this Service is to create self-reliant Successful traders. These traders will have personal entry trading techniques that they can use independently apply for the rest of their lives. They will also learn how to solve trading problems. Every trader will identify what works best for them and what does not work for them.

If you want to secure your place on the course and want to study some of the course material that comes with the course you can enrol right now.

The fee for the Course is $230 for the first month and then $115 dollars per month thereafter. You can cancel your PayPal subscription at anytime.


Sorry, This service is fully subscribed for the next 3 months – please enquire towards the beginning of August 2017.

Please note that at the end of your PayPal session you will be redirected to an important webpage with instructions for the Course (BOOK MARK THIS PAGE). Allow 20 seconds after your PayPal payment acceptance for the page to appear. 


25 thoughts on “Finding great Double in a Day Forex entries 1 on 1 Course

  1. Alvin

    Do I need to have live trading account to take this course? or a demo account will also work?

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  3. Alex du Plooy Post author

    The Foundation phase of the DIAD Entries course requires 30 trades with a 30 pips stop and 30 pip target and a 40% success rate. Nothing is prescribed in this phase but if you are hoping to catch 30 pip trades only using 4 hour or Daily charts these 30 trades may take some time. Those time frames may also not be appropriate to such small stops. The choice of technique you want to use and how long your want to take is yours. If you look at the alerts they based on the 4 hour charts

  4. Roger

    Hi Alex,

    Thank you for your response.

    Also, do you know of any entry techniques based on the 4H/Daily timeframe using the DIAD EA, and if so, will you be teaching that in the 1-on-1 training?

    Warmest regards,

  5. Alex du Plooy Post author

    When you refer to the DIAD strategy I am not sure what you mean. The trader is free to use ANY Forex trading strategy to enter DIAD deals. The DIAD EA only manages deals after the traders has determined the entry. Please read the marketing page very carefully. In the DIAD Entries course you determine which strategies you are going to use. So you are free to select strategies that suit your live style.

  6. Roger

    Hi Alex,

    Can this DIAD strategy work for 4H and Daily timeframes? I believe you mentioned that the strategy is robust in that it can be used in various timeframes, but what is your realistic view on using it on the higher timeframes? I ask because I myself prefer the swing trades because I don’t like sitting in front of the computer screen for hours and hours.

    Warmest regards,

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  9. Alex du Plooy Post author

    The Asian market open is the same time in all time zones. All Forex traders should know the time the Asian Market opens. This time does vary over the year based on Day Light saving adjustments in different countries.

  10. Paul

    Alex, what time zone are the times you posted earlier – 8:00 am to 8 pm weekdays – there’s a big difference between Australia, London and New York. It would obviously be preferable to be in alignment with the traders time as far as the markets and your limitations allow. Thanks

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    Yes it is possible to learn these techniques without the 1 on 1 sessions. We only teach them in the 1 on 1 sessions.
    The double in a Day Ea is licensed software so we can tell which accounts are using it. The EA does not extract the amounts but broker amounts are given to us in total from only certain brokers.

  14. JD

    1. Is it possible for me to learn the modules without the 1 on 1 sessions?
    2. At the right-top of this webpage, it show us that there were over 3.16 million dollars were being traded by clients, what does that mean and you do you know the amount?

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  18. terrenz

    How long will this service be available. It may not be convenient to commence at this time of year. April to August may be more convenient

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