Double in a Day Trades for the week ended 16 August 2014

By | August 16, 2014







During this week there have been  no less than 25 successful DIAD trades.

Expert4x is back from our summer break and have started trading the DIAD Forex trading tool again –  this is the end of our 2nd week.

Please note we are supplying the successful deals as a service and for educational purposes to show users of the DIAD EA when and where these successful deals are most likely to occur. To do this we run the EA continuously and ignore the many break-even and unsuccessful deals as these are of no educational value.

Many traders think they have to use there whole Forex account to do Double in a Day trades. If you have a $ 5 000 account you can for instance only use $ 2 000 for double in a day trades. Also many traders think that they MUST go for 100% gains. You can choose the gains you want to go for.

Use this link to see the actual DIAD EA settings to produce these results              FOREX SETTINGS

The GBPJPY is the most successful currency so far – it is a good currency to trade as the spread is reasonable and it has good volatility. Volatility can be enhanced the fact that the JPY is mainly traded in the Asian session and the GBP in the UK and US sessions. This it a factor that produces higher ranging candles.

If you have not bought this great Forex Trading tool that helps you add additional lots to your trades on a risk free basis use this link for more info:                DIAD FOREX TOOL

PLEASE NOTE: All of the trades could be entered using pending orders. This means you only need to look at the charts 2 or 3 times a day for a few minutes to identify potential transactions and enter pending areas in for the potential entries  

Below are examples of successful trades made this week:-


50% gain using a 60 pip Target


Channel or trendline bounce on the 4 hour chart  provides a great entry






A bounce between support and resistance provides a great DIAD Trade







A channel bounce on the daily chart provided a nice against the trend entry




70% gain using a 85 pip Trend


A retest of support and resistance in a down trend provided a great entry for this 85 pip trend GBPJPY trade






100% Gain using 110 pip Trend


A Perfect channel bounce provides a great entry for this EURJPY 4 hour chart trade







100% Gain using a 130 pip trend




A perfect confluence of a trendline and historic support and resistance provides a great 130 pip trade entry into a long candle





10 thoughts on “Double in a Day Trades for the week ended 16 August 2014

  1. Steve

    Hi Alex, perhaps this is not directly a DIAD ea problem, but I would value your comment.

    I set a straddle for the GBPUSD announcement today and allowed for an 8 pip spread. The trade failed to trigger and the error message claimed the spread was 9 pips. Really? Highly volatile markets can cause increased spreads, but is 9 pips possible on GBPUSD?

    Do you allow for increased spreads over news when you set your ea?

    Thanks, Steve.

  2. Jaap

    Hi Alex,

    Just had a successful DIAD trade on the GBPJPY.
    I wish I could spot the opportunity more easily. Your e-mail at the end of the week certainly helped me to spot this opportunity. I wish I would have entered the GBPUSD as well. It had a very similar set-up.

    Thanks ever so much.


  3. Tomi

    I can’t get the DIAD ea to open the stops up for trading the daily charts. always throws an error.
    I suck at math so i’m sure its me.

  4. dario

    Thanks Alex. So Sarah’s trades had 40 pips targets and 40 pips stops. So no 60 pips targets at all. In order to be profitable she must have topping up successful trades within the 40 pips range I suppose? like maybe at +20 with a trailing stop loss at +10pips?
    And use hedging and multiple accounts for every win to get consecutive wins i think. I think we would need a bit more data to figure out the mathematical hedge she must have used.
    I’ll take a look at everything again.

  5. Alex du Plooy Post author

    You really need to read the DIAD user manual. There is a setting called “entry price”. So you enter the price you want to start your transaction and then select 0=Buy or 1=Sell as your direction. You have just created a pending order.

  6. Alex du Plooy Post author

    The DIAD and Sarah’s technique does use 40 pips stops and 60 pip targets at all. The DIAD can use only stops and target which will allow traders to achieve DIAD trades. It is the principle of topping up on successful trades you should be aware of. Study Sarah’s statement – 40 pip stops and 40 pip targets

  7. dario

    Hi Alex, I think i;M NOT getting this right. if the DIAD uses 60pips targets with top ups at 40 pips level, why Did Sarahs account showed instead 40pips targets and 40 pips stops?
    Also if u hedge the DIAD technique ( to get consecutive winnings) how do u deal when prices retraces after hitting the 40 pip levels? Dont u risk to hit stops on both sides? 1 side will hit a stop loss (-40pips) and the other side will break even after moving stop loss, so the result is -40pips, no? do u just take the loss and retry again?
    thanks for yr help.

  8. alan

    How to use or execute a pending order?
    How should I do it?
    What I see in the DIAD Ea is:
    2=by SMA
    3= Straddle
    Or is there a missing:
    4=Pending Order ??

  9. Steve

    Thanks for this. It’s much appreciated. Any chance of providing the set files as I find that to be the most frustrating part of setting the ea.

    I’m grateful for all the post sales assistance provided by you guys with this ea.

  10. Dawid

    Great trades guys! Congratulations 🙂 For me the best way to trade are japanese candlestick patterns + support & resistance levels + trendlines 🙂 I’m looking for the main signals on H4 chart and then I’m looking for a good entry signal on M30 chart 🙂 This method give you a lot of signals every day if you trade many pairs, so you can double, or even triple your account in a day very easy 🙂 Thanks for this great EA and keep up the good work! I’m waiting for your next trades 🙂

    Greetings from Poland,

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