Double in a Day Forex Trades week ended 9 August 2014


Double in a Day Forex Trades week ended 9 August 2014


During this week there have been  no less than 29 successful DIAD Forex trades.

Expert4x is back from our summer break and have started trading the DIAD Forex trading tool again.

Please note we are supplying the successful deals as a service and for educational purposes to show users of the DIAD EA when and where these successful deals are most likely to occur. To do this we run the EA continuously and ignore the many break-even and unsuccessful deals as these are of no educational value.

Many traders think they have to use there whole Forex account to do Double in a Day trades. If you have a $ 5 000 account you can for instance only use $ 2 000 for double in a day trades. Also many traders think that they MUST go for 100% gains. You can choose the gains you want to go for.

Use this link to see the actual DIAD EA settings to produce these results              FOREX SETTINGS

The EURJPY is the most successful currency so far – it is a good currency to trade as the spread is reasonable and it has good volatility. Volatility can be enhanced the fact that the JPY is mainly traded in the Asian session and the EUR in the UK and US sessions. This it a factor that produces higher ranging candles.

If you have not bought this great Forex Trading tool that helps you add additional lots to your trades on a risk free basis use this link for more info:                DIAD FOREX TOOL

Below are examples of successful trades made this week:-


50% gain using a 60 pip Target

A delayed Channel bounce provided and good buy Entry






70% gain using a 85 pip Target


Support and resistance line bounce provide a good entry for this transaction





100% gain using a 110 pip Target

An EXACT Channel bounce provided a great entry for this trade






100% gain using a 130 pip Target

A support and resistance retest provided a great entry for the 130 pip trade







24 thoughts on “Double in a Day Forex Trades week ended 9 August 2014

  1. Martin

    Alex, how many weeks should one use for the calculation? Is the default 10 enough, or more?


  2. Donovan

    A list of trades made for the past week is a great encouragement and it certainly created a new revival and appetite for this approach to trading, now if only those with greater success and experience can possibly indicate possible DIAD trades for the week to come, THAT will fantastic.

  3. mark

    Seems like a combination of people could bring this about?

  4. mark

    Hi Alex,

    I think there would be appetite now judging by the comments on this page.

  5. Alex du Plooy Post author

    The Forex trader find the trades – the Double in a Day EA is tool that then helps you double your account with controlled risk

  6. jitender

    ok so have to find trades manually or diad help us to find out right trades

  7. Peter

    If that problem can be overcome, would you implement it.

  8. Alex du Plooy Post author

    They vary from daily to 1 hour charts as major support and resistance bounces seem to be the most dominant method in successful trades.

  9. Alex du Plooy Post author

    Copying trades depend on the actual traders being willing to have their trades being made public – that is the problem at the moment

  10. Mark

    Hi Alex,

    Is there any particular reason why a trade copier would not work or be a thought?


  11. Tomi

    I use daily and 4h charts. seems not to work that well in these time frames. I think I need to look for entry’s on 15m then move out to daily.
    What time frame are most of the example trades in?

  12. Alex du Plooy Post author

    The Double in a Day Ea is basically a trading tool for more experienced traders to use when they spot a potential trade. Finding these trades takes a lot of concentration and are best done with no restrictions. Unfortunately we are not planning a copying service for this.
    Please try to learn from all the examples provided

  13. brad

    im a GMT owner and y wanted or im interest in the dobble account EA.. but i wanted to sujest or wanted to know if 4xexpert will provide live trades or a trading room for clients … ??? for dobble account, so we can copy the trades … we know that all trades will not be positive ….

  14. Steve

    Thanks Alex. This is a big encouragement. I’m going to dig mine out and dust it off. Would it be possible to post pending setups that catch your eye so we could prepare for the trades.

  15. Martin

    How does one spot potential DIAD trades at a CERTAIN time?

    One can not monitor the charts 10-15 hours every day. Or is this the only way to go?

    I will straddle the London open next week, as a another test.

  16. Susan Hansen

    would be nice to get in advance possible trades, and why, so that we can take advantage of this and use the EA, as there are so many pairs to look at, sometimes you miss the obvious. As they would only be possible trades people can then make their decision as to whether they want to act on it.

  17. Ray

    My problem is not the DIAD – that’s fine – it is finding the trades that will go in the direction I want them to go! If I could solve this little dillema, I would almost have the Holy Grail!

  18. Alex du Plooy Post author

    Thanks for your feedback – We will give 4 examples a week in future – I may add a few extra to this weeks

  19. Matt K

    Thanks heaps. Where can I find more examples? I am an DIAD EA owner.

  20. Alex du Plooy Post author

    The Double in a Day EA is not a continuously traded EA – It is totally different – you only use it when you see a trade – It is a trading tool. We are not trying to sell you anything, you can put your wallet back into your pocket – this is a service to existing owners.

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