Double in a Day EA Free Forex Signals 14 February 2017

By | February 13, 2017

Double in a Day EA Free Forex Signals 14 February 2017

We are providing 2 types of Forex Signals today.

  1. One based on the Best Forex Entry Technique (click here for details > THE BEST) and
  2. One based on Double in a Day trading (click here for details > DIAD )

Click here for more information on how to use these signals  Daily Signals

The Best Forex Signal – 14 February 2017

This signal is based on the chart below.

To see how the BEST Forex entry technique works please use this link: BEST ENTRIES

This is a pending order trade: The strong divergence is warning of a strong reversal. The best trend-line has not been crosses so this transaction is likely to catch the cross. If the trend continues the transaction will not be activated.

GBPJPY: Pending order entry sell 141.867,  stop 142.641 and target 140.542


Went 50% toward the target

The Double in a Day EA Analysis

The Chart below is provided for educational purposes and for debate.

The entries are meant for use by the Double in a Day EA for entries using a 100 pip target strategy and 3 top ups. The chart shows possible ways of trading to catch Double in a Day trades.

DO NOT TRADE THIS AS A “NORMAL” TRADE – They are only meant for the DIAD EA

Expect a high failure rate as the Double in a Day has a 1 in 20 trades break-even statistic. +/- 30% of trades are likely to break-even.

Please do not use these signals on live accounts when trading the Double in a Day EA. Use them on a demo account to build a DIAD track record. Add some of your own to compare your success rate.

Today’s Chart:


6 thoughts on “Double in a Day EA Free Forex Signals 14 February 2017

  1. Alex du Plooy Post author

    You decide – you can leave it or if it is nicely you could put a breakeven stop or a following stop in – up to you – the market will tell you if you have made the right decision

  2. John

    Eurjpy is now around 120.90 (16:30 GMT). Do we have to wait till price hits 121.22 or 121.74 in order to go short at those levels ? What is the strategy here ?

  3. Bart

    Since December the EUR/JPY have Major Resistance at 123.300. So I will only look for shorts and on the pullbacks and then take short trades and with News announcements I will wait let it go positive and then look for short opportunities. But you need to look at the intrest rates announcement that is comming up. Res: 123.300 (if it breaks it can be very bullish) Sup: 118.00 (if it breaks that level it can go to 116.00 and even lower 112.00)

  4. Bart

    Hi Alex

    Thanks for the great trade on the GBP/JPY! All my analysis tells me it may hit the target after the news at 11:30. But it needs to break below 50 fibonacci. It struggles there. I got in earlier but thanks again. Very good work and thanks for your advice.


  5. Alex du Plooy Post author

    This information was supplied: GBPJPY: Pending order entry sell 141.867, stop 142.641 and target 140.542 – Those pricelevels are shown on the chart

  6. John

    It is unclear to me, what I have to do here. Where exactly are the entries on the Eurjpy chart ? For the analysis of 14 Feb.

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