All the answers to your 6 in a row Forex trades

By | August 10, 2014


Article 4 in the 6 guaranteed Forex trades in a row series


All the answers to your 6 in a row Forex trades

All the answers to your 6 in a row Forex trades. In the previous article we asked the questions (below). Very few client got all the answers right so we have given the answers below.

At this point you should be able to answer the following questions:

  1. If you have an account of $ 1 000 and you were considering a trade which had a 40 pip stop and each pip was worth $1 – What are the maximum number of lots you could use, ignoring the need to finance margin and spreads?


Answer: $ 1 000 divided by 40 pip stop = 25 ($1 or mini) lots

  1. If you have an account of $ 1 000 and you were considering a trade of 25 lots which has a 60 target and a 40 stop, what size following stop would you use to ensure you break even at worst, no matter what happens, given that you plan to add 10 lots when the transaction goes 40 pips positive (ignore spreads and margin)?


Answer: When the top up occur profitability will be $ 1 000. (40 pips x 25 lots = $1 000). We are then adding 10 lots to bring the total lots to 25 + 10 = 35 lots. So $ 1 000 will be used up by 35 lots to break-even, so the stop has to be $ 1 000 divided by 35 = 28.5 pips or 28 pips to be sure from the current price.


Test or proof:  If the price goes back to + 12 pip (40 pips -28 pips) from the entry the initial 25 lots will have a 12 pips x 25 lots = + $ 300 gain and the new 10 lots will have a 10 lots x -28 pips = – $ 280 loss. This will give a small $20 buffer for the break-even result.

  1. Ignoring spreads and margins, assume you have an account of $ 1 000 and you had a successful trade which ran for 60 pips. You started with 25 lots and then added 10 more lots when 40 pips positive. How much is your gain in $ and as a %.


25 lots x 60 pips = $ 1 500   plus 10 lots x 20 pips = $ 200 = Total gain is $ 1700 ($1500 + $200)

This is $1700/$1000 x 100 = 170% gain in one transaction.


The point of these calculations is to illustrate that

  1. it is possible to earn more than a 100% return using 1 trade
  2. it is possible to add to your transaction on a no risk basis using a following or fixed stop
  3. It is possible to risk your whole account on one trade
  4. You can create gains bigger than 100% by having bigger targets than stops or by adding to your trades.


We will be moving on to the next article in this series. It will cover the importance of selecting the best type of trading account for your 6 in a row trades,

Watch your emails carefully.

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20 thoughts on “All the answers to your 6 in a row Forex trades

  1. Davide

    Yes, the usual password doesn’t work, I don’t know why…

  2. Trang

    Is this EA’s less effective in a trending market?

  3. Tomi

    That explains it. I was pretty sure the ea would not do that, let you risk whole account. And there were no topouts in the account history screen shot. Everything makes more sense. Your more interested in showing what is possible….outside the box stuff.

    Thx sir and keep up the good work. You and Mary rock.

  4. Alex du Plooy Post author

    She used a special account with very high leverage and a 100% broker bonus. The other thing is that she did not necessarily use the DIAD EA – she used the Forex trading principles on which it is based.

  5. Tomi

    Sara started out with 3426 dollars how did the ea allow her a 40 pip stoploss with 13.10 lots?
    I thought the EA had build in protection from blowing up account on any trade? I can’t get it to risk that much. Always gives me an error

  6. David

    Hi Alex,

    You did state that the results were achieved in a relatively flat market. Does the mean that in a trending market it won’t work? But that would mean that it’s not 100% guaranteed?
    Maybe I am not getting it.

    Look forward to your next article.

    Best Regards

  7. Ilma Hayes

    Hi Alex,

    looks unbelievable, look forward to Emails still to come!
    Can’t wait to get started!!!

    Best wishes

  8. Alex du Plooy Post author

    The Double in a Day EA will not let you trade impossible strategies – there is a filter that only allows possible strategies.

    The maximum lot approach does not have much to do with the Double in a Day approach they are totally different- the one uses 3 trades to double your account and the other only one.

  9. Eduardo

    Alex, let’s suppose I went with the maximum lot and set my DIAD EA accordingly. How will I be able to top up if I had already gone with the maximum lot available? I’d have no funds left. Thank you.

  10. Alex du Plooy Post author

    Have a look at Sarah’s account again – she only used 40 pip Targets. There are no trades to find – this is a statistical system – so stop worrying about the trading side – the 6 trades are automatically 100% guaranteed to successful. No need to put effort into that.

  11. Uche

    Calculations are easy and fairly straight forward. finding a trade that will move 40-60pips a few times in a month is also not a lot of problem. Problem however is finding one that will first of all not move back enough to knock off your 40pips stop loss (or draw you down enough to be margin called) before proceeding in the desired direction. This matter is compounded by the fact that to make a 2.5 standard lot trade (or 25 mini lots whichever works for you) on a $1000 account even with a 1:500 leverage you will need about $500 margin to finance a trade like that. That will double the possibility of being margin called (a possibility that is already too high; a 20pip draw down will probably margin call you at that rate, so 40pip stop loss becomes a luxury you can;t afford).
    The hypothetical scenario will work but will be definitely difficult in real life. An 80-120pip move with 2-3 top ups using 5-10 mini lots(0.5-1 standard lot) will be more feasible for a double -in-a- day trade.

    Don’t get me wrong i am a believer in this system though i still don’t understand a lot of it, for example how do you find these 80-120pip trades on a consistent basis? How to find a broker that offers a leverage in excess of 1:500 or a bonus system that is not less than 50% of deposit (the more the merrier) etc. Those are the uncertainties, those are the hard questions that if we can supply answers to… then the system is officially a go

  12. Eduardo

    Hi Alex, I’m a double in a day EA owner, and I think it’s fantastic. It’s the best thing since sliced bread. However, let me say something about this 6-trades-to-a-million thing: you’re risking 100% of your capital on each round, meaning that you HAVE to be right 6 times in a row or you lose everything. The odds for that are, for a system that is right 60% of the time, only 4,6%. For a 70% system it is 11% and for a system that is 80% of the times right it is only 26%. OK, so up to the 4th or 5th try you’re probably gonna get it right in a 80% type system, the trouble is finding one that is consistently right 80% of the time or more. If you had a system like that you’d probably be a billionaire by now. 🙂

  13. Pooler

    The part that attracted me to these series of articles was the ” 6 guaranteed Forex trades in a row” heading. Is this info still on its way?….if you can show me how to be guaranteed of 6 successful trades in a row then I don’t need any other info….I can take it from there and makes heaps. Trust me

  14. john

    Great everything gets more clearer have a hard time waiting for the new article 🙂 Good work thanks.

    Best regards

  15. Siddhartha

    This is good. I guess, the key challenge is to pick the right underlying that moves 40 to 60 pips in the correct direction and not the opposite. I know there are so many articles out there to pick the right underlying and direction, but getting that right consistently is all that one needs to convert 3K to 1000K.

    Look forward to ideas on the later, now that we know one trade can increase the equity by 170%.

    Best regards.

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