Top 20 Double in a Day Trading Technique Forex Results

Top 20 Double in a Day Trading Technique Forex Results


The Return you get on risk is one of the most important critical success factors of any forex trader.

The better this ratio the better the Forex trader. In Forex trading anything above 2 is regarded as exceptional.  The leading trader has EA to produced a 32 Return on risk ratio for his actual DIAD forex trading technique trade.

The Double in a Day Forex Trading Technique produces amazing return on risk ratios. In the table below we list the current top 20 Return on Risk produced results. Remember this is for 1 trade only.

This list is sorted by Return on Risk on 1 trade as this is the biggest benefit of using the DIAD Forex Trading Technique.

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The reasons for entry provide interesting information.

Top 20 Double in a Day Trading Technique Forex Results



% Risk

Gain %

Return on risk

Entry technique

Wavetrader 3.00% 98.0% 32.7

Channel bounce

JennyB 3.00% 95.9% 32.0 channel bounce
alex 3.00% 93.6% 31.2

trendline bounce

blokefromOZ 3.00% 89.6% 29.9

Bounce on support

Wavetrader 3.00% 88.2% 29.4 Channel breakout
sandman 10.00% 198.6% 19.9

bounce on resistance

ultracat 5.00% 98.9% 19.8 Break of resistance
tux 5.00% 98.2% 19.6

Announcement straddle

Wavetrader 5.00% 88.8% 17.8 channel bounce
basil 5.00% 88.4% 17.7

trendline violation

ultracat 7.00% 100.5% 14.4 Break of resistance
Sandman 10.00% 116.6% 11.7

Trendline violation

samuel 10.00% 114.0% 11.4 Break of resistance
mark 10.00% 103.5% 10.4

channel bounce

verlaat1 10.00% 98.5% 9.9 Trendline bounce
Sinu 10.00% 96.3% 9.6

Break of resistance

Wavetrader 10.00% 77.4% 7.7 Fib Bounce
mact4ho 10.00% 70.0% 7.0 Trendline bounce

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