Double in a Day trades for the week ended 15 November 2014


Trading accounts and strategies used

Please note:  This information and Double in a Day trades are supplied for educational purposes to show existing DIAD details of existing successful trades and to try to identify techniques to find these entries. This is a FREE support service for existing DIAD EA users. The information is a guide as to which strategies work best and which currencies give the best results.  It also will tell existing users which strategies and currencies to avoid.

The complete trading accounts showing all winning, break-even and losing trades taken is available for inspection on this link :-


Charts of the 50% strategy using a 60 pip trend for the last 9 day trading the GBPJPY


 GBPJPY Winners for the month so far trading the 50% 60 pip strategy





Breakeven  GBPJPY trades for the month so far trading the 50% 60 pip strategy




Weekly DIAD results






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