20 examples of Double in a Day Trades using an 80 pip trend

By | December 11, 2016



The Double in a Day EA is our most used, no Gimmick, Forex Trading Tool

We have a group of traders who are focusing on perfecting Double in a Day trades. For the last few weeks they have been investigating all the Double in a Day options and strategies.

A few weeks ago we circulated a PDF showing 3 examples of Triple in a Day trades where $25 was turned into $ 1000 in one trade using a trend of 180 pips.

Triple in one Trade


Last week this group have produced 20 Double in a Day trades where $50 was risked to produce $1000 in one trade using an 80 PIP trend.

80 pip trends are much easier to catch and there are so much more of them.

To download the PDF click on this link:


Using the ForexTester 3 they have been able to identify exactly when the best trading opportunities present themselves for Double in a Day entries.

It is nice to see good examples of Double in a Day trading success which is not based on Rocket Science.